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My Name Is NOT Cancer

Tribute from Rebecca

Megan and Rebecca Fletcher

She was a little butterfly
Her colours for all to see
I sat down very still
She landed next to me
Her beauty touched my very soul
And warmed deep in my heart
Our time together was so short
And then we had to part
I watched with sadness
I watched with grief
I blinked...
She flew away
but the memory of my dearest Meg
Will forever with me stay

The best this about having a sister is, I always had a friend, and there is no better friend than a sister, and no better sister than you!

How do I begin to condense 21 years, 8 months, and 2 days of wonderful life into a speech that doesn’t make me rattle on, the way you know I can? My heart is broken, stinky girl, but all those pieces are full of the best days of my life. So many words for you and each are full of the love I have for you.

Who do I look up to now eh? You were my rock, my crazy double! I miss you so much and I will miss you every day: but I look at it, that you are like the wind, I can’t see you, but I can feel you!

I was sat for hours with your dog by my side, trying to think of which memories were my favourite, and every time I chose one, another would come to mind!

Rebecca and Megan Fletcher
Bex and Meg

You enriched my life and I don’t want to miss any memories because we have had some amazing times. Being together was just lethal… what with being able to read each others minds lol… we had a good thing going there!

Looking back at the times we weren’t together as we were doing other things, I see how strong and brave you were and I’m so proud of you.

Big sis, I feel so alone now and so scared, and its always going to be your bed I crawl into when I’m needing comfort and I know you will be sat right next to me, probably telling me off for having too much of the duvet, or for borrowing makeup if I’ve been out. You know, it always frustrated me how you didn’t need any makeup cause you were just so beautiful… even when we were younger you had this beauty about you that was so breathtaking, and yet you continued to buy more makeup. Oh you and your shopping! What were you like?!

I have to stop myself because the moment I start mentioning the times we had together, I know I’ll add another fifty or more pages (front and back)

So many people have mentioned your smile and, my gosh, they are right! You always had a cheesy grin and I’ll never forget that. But you know, I’ll never forget your large saucer eyes, or your weird freckle on your ear, or your second toe which is longer that your big toe, your washboard flat stomach, and, oh my, your classic rocker pose!

You were unique, you were funny, you were energetic (well, in your own “Meg” way) and you loved everything. From simple things like the rising of the sun in the morning or the smell of freshly cut grass - to complicated things, like people, no matter who they were or where they came from….


Not just loved but were obsessed with them. But who wouldn’t be! They are simple, quietly observant, they travel, they are beautiful, they are magic (and they let the fairies ride on them!)

My darling sister, I will never ever forget you, and with everything I do, you will be in my heart. I hope to make you proud and I will never let you down.

Megan and Rebecca Fletcher
Bex and Meg

I love you so much

You are my double.

You are my closest confidante.

You are my best friend.

My big sister

Eternal love and hugs…




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