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My Name Is NOT Cancer

Tribute from Dad

Megan Fletcher and her father
Ian and Megan on a
day trip to London

All we have left are photos videos and memories and Meg has left us with some fantastic memories.

If I had to sum her attitude in one word, it would be POSITIVITY!!

Meg wasn't only my daughter, she was my friend, and we would often talk about anything and everything, invariably ending up laughing about some irreverent comment made by one of us!

I am so proud of the way she approached life: always trying to do her best, which was important to her, and having a compassion for other people… so often missing today!

Meg achieved a great deal in her short time;

Gaining numerous school honours for academic performance; going on to becoming a Dive Master, taking responsibility for others while doing something she really loved.

She had a love of languages and communication and a flair for learning languages easily; Arabic, French, Spanish and Welsh (she didn't get this from me!)

Meg had cancer, but she never wanted cancer to define who she was! That feeling of self, stayed with her right through to the end.

I am proud to be able to say that she had the opportunity to do the things that were so important to her: Scuba diving; going to University; travelling around Europe; making friends from around the world; having a big 21st birthday party

And thanks to those who helped her do things recently: horse riding; a lovely dinner with friends at the Grosvenor; a helicopter flight around the area. All these were very important in helping her positivity and maintaining Meg's fight against this illness.

Megan Fletcher and her father
Meg and her dad father, like daughter

Meg had one real weakness… and it was shoes! Imelda Marcos move over, my daughter was catching you quickly She loved high heels and glamorous shoes, but never got the opportunity to wear most of them. However, she enjoyed buying them, and although maneuvering her wheelchair, steering in the aisles, was always a challenge, it was made easier with the help of her sister or mum!

I will miss Meg more than I can say

But in her words…

Keep Smiling, Game On

and please don’t forget me!’


I never will! x

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