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The Throat Cancer Foundation

Who are TCF?

The Throat Cancer Foundation is dedicated to supporting all those who are affected by cancers of the throat. We are here to offer information, support and community to all those who are affected: patients and their loved ones. We want to ensure people have access to the most up to date information about their illness, their treatment and their recovery.

Why is TCF needed?

Throat cancers are the fastest growing male cancer in the UK. Oropharyngeal Cancer rates have been increasing at a frightening rate. In some parts of the UK rates have tripled in only 20 years. Professor Margaret Stanley OBE, Director of Research at University of Cambridge has stated to Parliament that if the current trends continue cases of oropharyngeal cancer will be greater than cervical cancer by 2020. There is a great need to raise awareness of this disease to promote early detection and treatment, to ensure the best treatment for all, and to work to prevent future cases where possible. Our work includes lobbying for universal HPV vaccination. Over 150 leading medical and health professionals have signed our petition stating that gender nuetral vaccination will save lives and spare people the horrific treatment for throat cancer. It will also decrease the burden of HPV on the NHS - current estimates put cancer treatment costs as high as £45,000 per person, genital warts which would also be prevented by vaccination cost the NHS nearly £50,000,000 per annum. Vaccination could cost as little as £45 per person. 

Who founded TCF?

The Throat Cancer Foundation (TCF) was founded in 2012 by Jamie Rae, a Scottish businessman and oropharyngeal cancer survivor. Jamie was concerned at the lack of resources and support available to people affected by cancers of the throat and set up the Foundation to address this problem.

What are our goals?

We have several aims for the charity:

  • To raise awareness of this disease 
  • To empower patients and carers by providing a forum for the most up to date information on cancer, treatment and care
  • To campaign for a 'Gold Standard of Care' and for this to be available for all patients 
  • To fund research into treatments, their efficacy and how post treatment quality of life can be improved
  • To lobby Governments to introduce Gender Neutral Vaccination in order to reduce the impact of HPV

What have we achieved so far?

In our short existence we have established a network of top medical health professionals to support us and guide us and we have begun lobbying the government on HPV vaccination for all and other issues related to throat cancer. Other achievements so far include:

  • Gathered 150 leading medics and public health professionals to sign a statement in favour of GNV for HPV
  • An Early Day Motion about GNV for HPV raised in House of Commons which has attracted over 40 sponsors
  • Launched our online resource a comprehensive information and signposting service for all those affected by cancer of the throat
  • Arranged conferences and meetings to establish best practice in treatment and vital areas that need urgent funding and/or research
  • Spoken at patient and carer conferences to build links with the survivor community
  • Established a strong social media presence to reach out and contact patients, carers, survivors and others touched by throat cancer. 
  • Attended fact finding exercises at the Scottish Parliament.
  • Building links between other organisations who can support those affected by cancer. This includes charities who have a vested interest in HPV and HPV vaccination. 

Future Plans

TCF has grown quickly because there is a massive need for research, funding and awareness into the prevention and cure of throat cancers. Our future plans include :

  • We will continue to build links and expand our network of medical professionals and public health officials
  • We continue to lobby and campaign for positive changes in regards to treatment and post treatment for throat cancer, HPV and vaccination and support for families and loved ones affected by cancer.
  • We will continue to develop and maintain our online presence and online resources for people to access and obtain information and community support. 
  • We will be coordinating with our medical experts to fund and facilitate vital research into the prevention and treatment of throat cancer. 
  • We will continue to advocate for patient rights.
  • We are a flexible and pragmatic charity and we will adapt to ensure that we are providing the best resources and support for those affected by throat cancer.
If you would like more information, please send us a message using the form provided on our website CLICK HERE

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