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Unfortunately, it is still a common belief that chemotherapy treatment automatically means total hair loss. In fact this is not the case!

A survey revealed that whilst 95% of people in the UK are aware that chemotherapy treatment can cause hair loss, a staggering 82% of people do not know that hair loss can be prevented using the Paxman scalp cooling (or cold cap) treatment and that it is available free of charge in the majority of NHS and private hospitals throughout the country if requested by patients, nurses or doctors (follow this LINK to find a hospital near you that is using the Paxman system) 

Besides the initial diagnosis of cancer itself, hair loss continues to be the most traumatic and distressing psychological side effect that many cancer patients will experience. Hair loss is seen as a constant reminder of the disease and can cause negative changes in body image, decreased social activity, and altered interpersonal relationships. These practical and emotional problems can result in a patient's reluctance, even refusal, to accept treatment.

Whilst hair loss is a well-documented side effect of chemotherapy, scalp cooling or cold cap treatment can help to save a patients hair. The innovative Paxman cold cap system is responsible for helping thousands of cancer patients throughout the world to maintain their crowning glory and thereby retain a feeling of normality at this difficult time.

Our mission of continuous advancement in scalp cooling technology ensures patients worldwide can attain the best possible results, keep their hair and maintain their dignity at this difficult time. It is well documented that chemotherapy-induced hair loss has a negative impact on patients’ psychosocial wellbeing and anything that can help maintain a positive attitude is to be encouraged.

Cancer chemotherapy affects rapidly dividing cells and at any given time, 90% of human hair follicles are in the actively dividing phase. Hair loss frequently occurs due to partial or total atrophy of the hair root bulb, causing constriction of the hair shaft, which then breaks off easily. The scalp cooling machines work by lowering the temperature of the scalp immediately before, during and after the administration of chemotherapy. This can prevent or minimise the damage caused to hair follicles, meaning that hair loss is not inevitable.

It is our goal to ensure all patients have the opportunity to maintain their dignity and normality by keeping their hair. With over 1600 Paxman systems in use in 30 countries  treating tens of thousands of patients a year we are one step closer to achieving this goal. But we still have a long way to go! The public are not aware of the treatment and therefore unfortunately do not ask for scalp cooling prior to their chemotherapy. 

Paxman’s awareness campaign Cool Head Warm Heart is currently petitioning the Government for scalp cooling to become the standard treatment practice across all hospitals in the UK for patients undergoing chemotherapy. The aim is to gather together 100,000 signatures in just 1 YEAR for this to be raised in The House of Commons.  With YOUR help and support we can achieve this!

Sign the petition HERE  

Help raise awareness and join our campaign for scalp cooling to be offered as the standard treatment practice for all applicable cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy in the UK!

  • @Paxmancoldcap
  • @CHWHcampaign

We now have support from many leading Oncologists!  We have changed attitudes. Patients are treated, not just the cancer. An integrative and holistic approach to cancer treatment is now becoming an important treatment strategy.

But we still have a long way to go! The public are not aware of the treatment and therefore do not ask for scalp cooling prior to their chemotherapy.  

The more public awareness that is generated the more patients will be aware and educated of the treatment and its availability which ultimately will lead to improved quality of lives for those patients who use scalp cooling and their families.  

If you are concerned about hair care whilst using scalp cooling during chemotherapy, please contact us, as patient care is at our heart and it is our goal to ensure that everyone, no matter where in the World, has the opportunity to maintain their dignity and normality by keeping their hair.

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