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My Name Is NOT Cancer

Knowledge is Power - by Kaz

When I was diagnosed with womb cancer back at the end of 2009 I will admit to being very scared and naive.  When I was told after my hysterectomy that I needed chemotherapy and then external radiotherapy I went along with it because my oncologist said it was necessary and it would get rid of the cancer.

It never crossed my mind to question if it was really necessary or even what the side effects would be. I was alone in this big office with this top oncologist – surely he wouldn’t recommend anything that was going to do me any harm!!

So I endured 4 gruelling sessions of chemotherapy and then 27 sessions of radiotherapy which ended a week before my 47th birthday.

Five years on, I am still living with the consequences of that treatment.  Since the treatment ended I have been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid (as a result of the chemo ruining my immune system); I have bowel adhesions and suffer from pelvic radiation disease; I also have an epi-gastric hernia that they won’t repair due to the bowel adhesions; I have long term memory and cognitive issues (chemo brain fog) and have also been diagnosed with lymphoedema, although that is as a result of removal of lymph nodes during surgery.

None of these side effects were discussed with me prior to the treatment but I am somehow expected to be grateful that I no longer have cancer!

Since starting Womb Cancer Support UK I have become immersed in the world of cancer – prevention; awareness; treatments and aftercare. I have read many articles on all of these subjects and more and the one thing that I have come to realise more than anything is that there is more than one way to treat cancer, but you wouldn’t know about it if all you listened to was the mainstream information.

The more I read, the more convinced I became that there are many alternative treatments out there – some of them have proved successful for countless patients. Yet because they can’t be proven by trials in a laboratory they are totally dismissed by the mainstream establishment.

The Gerson Therapy; Vegan diets; Cannabis oil; The Budwig Protocol; Natural Enzymes – these and many more have all helped many patients to survive treatment or have given them extra time in which to live out their days without subjecting their bodies to harsh and aggressive orthodox treatment. 

If you have been told you have terminal cancer but they can extend your life by a few weeks if you undergo harsh conventional treatment and you refuse and opt to take an alternative and then see your tumour shrink or disappear, do you care that the regime you followed hasn’t been tested in double blind trials in a lab?

Cancer research is big business – you can’t deny it. Millions of pounds have been used trying to find a “cure” for cancer which can then be patented and sold at huge profits. You only have to look at the new drugs that have appeared recently which are too expensive for NHS budgets and are therefore not available to most patients. You hear of terminally ill cancer patients having to move home to another county in order to be eligible for the drugs.

One of the things that I try to do as part of WCSUK is empower women with knowledge. We know our bodies best and we need to have the relevant knowledge in order to do that, as does any cancer patient.  I didn’t have that 5 years ago but I do now. Knowing what I know now, should I get cancer again, I will not be having any more conventional treatment. That is my decision and no one has the right to tell me that I am wrong.

I didn’t know there was any alternative to chemotherapy or radiotherapy – but I do now. There are many people today who don’t know there is an alternative and all the while those alternatives are being dismissed as “useless” or “dangerous” by the mainstream establishment then people will continue to have to endure being pumped full of toxic chemical and burned by radiotherapy in the hope that the cancer will be killed.

When you consider that the majority of cancer patients who die do so as a result of the actual treatment rather the cancer itself then you have to start asking question, don’t you? 

More and more people are now becoming awakened to the alternative treatments that are available but it can still be hard to find good accurate information, especially when the establishment tries so hard to keep that information from people.

Those of us that believe in this are not cranks or uneducated idiots – far from it. We are smart enough to see through the lies and propaganda that are trying to keep the information from the people who desperately need to know the full facts so that they can make an informed decision. If after learning all the facts they then decide to go with conventional treatment so be it, but at least they made their choice – it wasn’t made for them.

Knowledge is power – but that knowledge must be available to everyone because power in the hands of a few is not good or right or fair.

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