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My Name Is NOT Cancer

Aims and Philosophy

  • To encourage positivity and empowerment for any individual, whether newly diagnosed with cancer, undergoing treatment, recovered, or life limited; regardless of age, gender, faith or culture, that cancer does not define their identity
  • Establish the MNINC® Publication as part of every cancer Patient Care Plan within the UK - to directly support and empower patients thoughout their journey
  • Endorse the open and accessible information within our website and publication
  • To not contain anything that is medically sensitive or controversial and will not inhibit or interfere with the work already being done within cancer care by health professionals or support organisations and charities.
  • To be impartial, and not hold opinion or preference, as to any cancer charity or organisation, in order for My name is NOT cancer to be able to unite all endeavours to combat cancer within our society.
  • Support established cancer charities, organisations, oncology units etc - through promoting the fundraising activities undertaken by the general public, to benefit those causes of said organisations.
  • Encourage cancer charities or organisations, to maintain their patient`s individuality and wellbeing, by working within those limitations sometimes experienced by cancer patients, and promote ways in which they can help sustain positivity in what appears to be a negative situation, by focusing attention on the MNINC motto:

YOU STAND OUT…your illness doesn’t!

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