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My Name Is NOT Cancer

How to fundraise

When deciding how to fundraise, it's important to begin with basics. The following are guidelines and may help get you started.

What to do?

  • This always starts with your idea. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Think about your target audience and how friends/family/colleagues can participate. If you are planning to “go it alone” visit our guidelines focus on safety.
  • If you are new to fundraising, try and keep your first time simple and easy to organise
  • Make sure the time you can spend organising/training for your event is realistic and that your fundraising event is actually going to raise money (common-sense, however you would be surprised how many people do not consider this!) Follow this link for fundraising ideas.

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Who for?

  • Who / what has inspired you to fundraise for a cancer charity/organisation?
  • Are you intending to raise funds for one or more cancer organisation?
  • Do not make your fundraising complicated. Be clear as to where your donations will go.

NOTE: Remember to get authorisation to fundraise from your fundraiser recipient (cancer charity/organisation) Approach each individual cancer charity/organisation if there is more than one!

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  • Do you require a venue for your event? Some venues will agree to discount or even waive the rental costs.
  • When choosing where to hold your event, consider the present economy.
  • Negotiations should not be abandoned during economically tough time and if anything, they should be increased! Remember: If you do not ask, you do not get

NOTE: Whether inside or out, your fundraising activity may be subject to local council regulations/law. Do you need a license to sell alcohol or have live music? Do the Police require notification if your activity involves public highways or crowd control? If you are not absolutely sure, your local authority or chosen charity/organisation may be able to give advice

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  • Deciding on a date should involve thinking about the weather.
  • Will adverse weather conditions affect your fundraising activity?
  • If so, are you going to be able to rearrange without any penalties (from venues etc)
  • Find out if your fundraising activity clashes with other established events (i.e. London Marathon) or public holidays.

NOTE: Considering when to hold your event/activity will be particularly important if you want support/attendance from the general public at your event.

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Money Matters (the really important bit!)

  • Work out all the costs involved in your activity and how much money you are intending to raise.
  • Reduce outgoings if possible.
  • If you are being sponsored by family/friends/colleagues, set a date before your event to review payments made or received.
  • Set up a website for donations. Your chosen charity/organisation may have a link to websites that are established for this purpose and setting up your own fundraising page is easy to do. Generally these sites will deduct a small handling fee from the amount you raise!
  • Check out Gift Aid and how this can benefit your fundraising efforts

NOTE: No matter how large or small your event, do consider a dedicated bank account (ask your local branch for help with this) or a Just Giving page or something similar, so funds raised through your fundraising efforts are transparent and not open to scrutiny!

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  • Let as many people know as possible.
  • Are you targeting local businesses to sponsor you?
  • Where do you want to promote your event (how far and wide)
  • Use email/ posters/flyers to advertise your fundraising efforts however be aware of the cost of printing and remember to negotiate prices!
  • Do you wish to invite others to participate in your event?

This is only a guide! We hope it helps, however, do try and establish that your fundraising event is acceptable to the cancer charity cause that you are intending to raise funds for.

And remember... you really can make a difference!

We hope your event is successful, and after, we would like to know how your fundraising went. Please email us to let us know.

Good luck

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