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My Name Is NOT Cancer

Fundraising ideas

Do you want to fundraise for a cancer cause? Not sure what to do? Here are some suggestions:

Women in chicken fancy dress
Don’t be chicken… fundraise for a cancer cause!

  • Create a charity calendar: Remember Calendar Girls? Based on a true story it shows us all that, with a little creativity, a calendar is a good way to raise funds.
  • Produce a charity concert: With help from friends and local organisations, you could produce a wonderful local concert (check out Music for Megan) Enlist the help of your local amateur operatic society; school choir; brass band; rock groups.
  • Organise a charity walk/run: Do it in fancy dress for a difference!
  • Run a raffle or prize draw: Very popular, with minimal investment. Ask local businesses to participate by donating prizes
  • Organise a Charity Auction: Can be themed and linked with another fundraising idea (eg the concert).
  • Host a fundraising party: Throw a party and ask everyone to write a cheque for your chosen charity. Make it clear on your invitation the cancer cause you wish to raise money for!
  • Hold a trivia quiz night: All proceeds go to your cancer cause
  • Bring a dish dinner party: Host a dinner party with a difference. Charge everyone who wishes to come. (There will be plenty of food!)
  • Have a garage sale: Let all your neighbours and friends know it`s for a cancer charity/organisation/cause, invite everyone to come.
  • Go to a car boot sale: Sort out all those things you no longer want and take them to the local car boot sale. Be aware, there will probably be an entrance fee.
  • A Special Day Donation: Ask friends/ family to make a donation to your chosen cancer charity instead of buying gifts
  • Games night: Do you miss the `good old days` of monopoly and scrabble? Bring out those board games, charge at the door, choose teams… and let the games begin!
  • 24 hour Marathon Movie night: It is as it says. Choose some good films, get some popcorn and crisps, have donation forms ready (fancy dress as your favourite character optional!)
  • Corporate match: Ask your company to match the amount of donations you receive from your colleagues
  • Company sponsors: contact large companies and let them know your fundraising idea... they may be willing to sponsor you completely!
  • Dress down Day: pay for the privilege to dress down at work/school
  • Dress up day: as above, but get glamorous instead!
  • An extra day holiday: ask your company/school to sell tickets for an extra day holiday…a “golden ticket!” All proceeds go to your cancer cause.
  • Shave your head: be sponsored to go bald!
  • Wax on, wax off: no pain-no gain sponsored leg/chest wax.
  • Ebay: Ask friends/family/colleagues to donate one item each. Sell on Ebay and give the proceeds to your nominated cancer charity/organisation (remember to include for costs for postage and highlight if items are available for delivery within UK or overseas)

And finally:

The £500 challenge:

  1. It starts with you…donate £25
  2. Ask 4 family members to match your donation £25 each = £100
  3. 15 friends and other family members to donate £10 each = £150
  4. 5 work colleagues to donate £5 each = £25
  5. Invite 5 local businesses you regularly frequent, to donate £20 each = £100
  6. Host a community fundraising event: car boot sale; garage sale; car wash = £100

We recognise that the best ideas are usually your own. The suggestions included in this list are by no means complete! They are guidelines. If you have a fundraising idea you would like to share on this page, let us know and we may include it in future updates to our website. Email us with details.

Please note: you may need permission from local authorities regarding certain fundraising activities as there may be controls and regulations that would require authorisation. It is your responsibility to check and meet any legal requirements.

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