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Focus on safety

The following are just some guidelines:

Girl holding a wet floor sign

  • If you are organising a fundraising event, it is your responsibility to take necessary precautions to ensure participants/public/your safety.
  • Know the legalities of what you are doing. If you are following the law, people haven’t any claim against you! (Obtain any permits/licenses that may be needed)
  • Consider Public Liability Insurance. It isn’t expensive and a requirement if your event involves the public. This may prevent problems if someone is hurt /injured. If your fundraising is taking place at a venue, the owner may already have Public Liability Insurance. Do check.
  • Ensure the people that are helping you with your fundraising idea, are responsible and trustworthy
  • Have you organised someone who is first aid trained to be at your fundraising event?
  • Make sure you or other participants are not walking around with large amounts of money. This is an open invitation for crime. Plan in advance who should collect donations and how they should be secured while the fundraising activity is going on. Count cash in a secure environment and always have two people present. Bank as soon as possible.
  • Have strict guidelines if children are involved in your fundraising activity. If adults are responsible for supervising children, they will need to have completed appropriate checks eg: CRB (criminal records bureau).
  • Do not allow children to sell alone and always make sure they are supervised by a responsible adult.
  • Get as many parents/guardians involved as possible in your event. You will need their approval regarding what their children are doing whilst fundraising...a legal point to remember!
  • Going it alone holds its own risks…be sensible, be safe.
  • Avoid fundraising after dark or anywhere unfamiliar (especially if you are on your own)
  • Be transparent regarding your fundraising activities so at least someone knows where you are going, the route you are following and estimated time of arrival (better yet, get a friend to be your support crew just in case you need help)
  • Remove yourself and any adults/children, if you encounter any situation that you perceive as dangerous. Contact the police if necessary

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