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My Name Is NOT Cancer

Fundraising advice for cancer causes

UK statistics highlight that 1 in 3 people are affected by cancer. This means that at some point in your life, the chances are you will be touched by cancer. It may be that you walk the journey yourself or alongside someone you care about!

Cancer charities and organisations that support individuals affected by cancer are dependent on the generosity of public donation (as a direct contribution or through fundraising).

Even in times of economic hardship, those cancer charities and organisations maintain remarkably high standards of care and public service. They greatly appreciate the wonderful support and fundraising efforts from the general community and corporate organisations, and we applaud the fundraising efforts of any individual or company, that help make a difference in this way.

There is a certain expectation that the service provided by cancer charities and organisations, is unlimited. When our economy is struggling, we must increase our fundraising efforts for these causes, not decrease them!

There are many varied opportunities to fundraise for your chosen cancer cause. We include advice on how to organise a fundraising event, some fundraising ideas and a focus on safety. If you still have questions pertaining to your fundraising event, contact the cause you are intending to raise funds for. They may be able to provide the necessary information to help you. Visit their websites or contact them directly.

Fundraising events are a great way to increase awareness about cancer and the support and research that is taking place in your community. They are great fun too!

If you are planning to fundraise on behalf of someone affected by cancer, it is a proactive way of expressing you care and celebrating their individuality and identity. If this is your own personal achievement during or following cancer treatment, you are someone very special!

We applaud you!

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