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My Name Is NOT Cancer


"I'm delighted to introduce the members of our admin team and those health professionals and advisors who`s hard work, dedication, support, advice and guidance of My Name Is NOT Cancer, have made them MNINC friends too!" Fiona (CEO My Name IS NOT Cancer)

Kathryn Jenkinson

Kathryn JenkinsonKathryn Jenkinson (Initiatives Coordinator)

Kathryn is the founder of Neat Writing, an agency providing copywriting services and marketing support. As Initiatives Coordinator, Kathryn supports MNINC by identifying and directing initiatives that will achieve key objectives for our organisation. Kathryn is also Editor for MNINC communications and

"My relationship with My Name Is NOT Cancer began when a giant chicken approached me in the aisle of a well-known supermarket! Inside the giant chicken was Fiona Fletcher, the most inspirational woman I think I have ever met!

Fiona’s smile is what hit me first, and when she told me about Megan and MNINC, I was in absolute awe! From where did this woman find her strength? Fiona would disagree with this statement, but I think she is truly amazing, as is the entire make up of MNINC. Like so many – too many – people, I have known and lost wonderful people to cancer and, like so many I have always wanted to offer my support in some way. Fiona lives and breathes the ethos of MNINC – you stand out, your illness doesn’t. Fiona is full of fun, laughter and can be downright mischievous! Despite her tremendous loss and the reason MNINC was born, Fiona has – as indeed have her family – retained a true sense of self!

With over ten years experience in marketing and writing, I offer support to MNINC by keeping an eye out for new opportunities to get this fantastic message out there!"

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Alia Ali

Alia Ali (Financial Strategist)

Alia has joined MNINC to provide focus on the strategic direction. A qualified accountant, Alia served as CEO, and CFO prior to that, of Safestone Technologies, a leading provider of Security Software for the IBM PowerSystems Server  for 12 years. Before that she worked at Staffware, an IT workflow provider and at The Free Press Group, a publishing arm of the Pearson Group.
Having battled with the illness for the last 15 years, Alia felt she was in a unique position of being able to couple her commercial and business experience with her first hand experiences to help a truly inspirational organisation.

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Beck Davies

altBeck Davies (MNINC Web Developer and Manager)

Beck is a Web Developer and is responsible for the creation, maintenance and development of the My name is NOT cancer website.

Beck met Fiona just 11 days before the website needed to go live, so with a blank canvas and the 'My Name is NOT cancer' philosophy guiding the way, the website was created and went live on schedule!

Since then, if MNINC is doing anything even vaguely internet-related, Beck is usually involved, from tweaking email settings, resizing images and, of course, expanding the website!

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Alison Howell (Ellis & Co)

altAlison Howell (Accounts)

Alison is an Accounts Senior, with Chester-based Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers, Ellis & Co. She works with Fiona on the production of the annual accounts for My Name is NOT Cancer.

Having worked for Ellis & Co for seven years, Alison is a well -respected member of the Accounts team, intensively working with clients on their financial performance.

“In the course of our daily work with clients we often see what can only be described as inspiring behaviours; actions, attitudes and performance that stand out from ordinary. These can take the form of sales growth, profit improvement, working with people, innovating and overcoming major business obstacles. Sadly because of the nature of what we do, seldom do we see these in a non-business related circumstance.

Meeting Fiona of My Name is NOT Cancer, changed that in an instant! When you experience that sort of outlook and attitude, it inspires you to see outside of your own particular “box”. That’s why we ourselves feel special supporting MNINC!”

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Revd Gary Windon

altRevd Gary Windon (Advisor)

"Back in 1993, my mother died of cancer of the oesophagus in Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham and I was so impressed with the place that I started volunteering for my local hospice, Katherine House in Stafford.
Having spent 20 years in the computer industry I retrained for ministry in 1998 and after ordination in the Church of England in 2000 started parish ministry in a curacy post in the West Midlands. During this time I also became involved with chaplaincy, both with a local special needs school and a psycho-geriatric hospital. When I moved to Radcliffe in 2004, I continued my association with chaplaincy, this time with hospice work at Bury Hospice. In 2008 I moved to Wrexham and began working 20 hours a week in Nightingale House Hospice and spent the rest of my time split between two churches in the village of Rhostyllen, one Anglican and one Presbyterian Church of Wales. This role has recently changed and I continue to spend 20 hours a week in the hospice, but now spend 15 hours a week as a Pastoral Care Chaplain at the Wrexham Maelor Hospital, continuing to be minister at Tabernacle PCW church in Rhostyllen. I also manage the parish nurse who operates within the Anglican team.
Both hospice and hospital have good links with our local university and I am undertaking an MSc in Interdisciplinary Palliative Care, the focus of my dissertation being a pilot of a spiritual wellbeing assessment tool. My interests outside work include motorcycles and hill walking – that and bringing up two teenage daughters.

My association with MNINC started when I met Meg and Fiona when they visited Nightingale House Hospice for a routine appointment, and asked to have a ‘chat to the chaplain’. So began a journey inspired by relationships, which is how I came into ministry and chaplaincy in the first place. I am delighted with the success of this cancer resource and to be able to offer advice and support to Fiona and MNINC!"

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Georgina Hillman

altGeorgina Hillman (Advisor)

Georgina works for the Youth Cancer Trust in Bournemouth, which is a charity founded by Brenda Clark, that provides support and free holidays for teenagers and young adults with cancer from the UK and Ireland. The holidays provide a safe and fun environment where young people can be with peers who are going through a similar experience, helping to reduce the sense of isolation which often accompanies a cancer diagnosis at such a critical age. Georgina is also Director of company Sambecketts, which working with the NHS has recently been responsible for the design and development of Realshare – an online community for teenagers and young adults with cancer in the South West. Georgina runs the company with her husband Max, who has also been involved with the Youth Cancer Trust for the past 11 years.

“We met Fiona a couple of years ago and fell in love with the entire concept of MNINC. The incredible insight that Megan had during her illness is a unique and beautiful philosophy, now championed by Fiona and family. We, at the Youth Cancer Trust, have embraced the MNINC philosophy whole-heartedly. We were blown away with Fiona’s chicken tour – the ‘funky’chicken turned up at the YCT house and played pool with the group which were staying with us that week. Fiona’s energy is boundless, her heart full of love… an utter inspiration to me and to many others. We thank her and everyone at MNINC for helping promote the work of our charity. You can see photos of the chicken’s visit to YCT on our Facebook page!”

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Lorraine Case

Lorraine CaseLorraine Wright (Advisor)

Lorraine has a MA Youth and Community Studies, BSc Psychology and Legal Studies and is the Youth Support Coordinator at the Young Oncology Unit, The Christie, Manchester, United Kingdom

Lorraine has previous experience of working with young people in a variety of environments including Youth Offending, Student Ambassadorship, Counselling and Mentoring.
She has worked on the Young Oncology Unit at The Christie for the last 9 years as the Youth Support Coordinator. Working locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, Lorraine strongly believes that being a patient within the National Health Service, should not be of detriment to a young person’s developmental or social well being. 
This has led to Lorraine developing, and implementing, a comprehensive support programme and services for children and young people on The Christie’s 16-24 year old Young Person’s Unit. Services include social and service user groups, a peer inclusive support programme, and ward and community based activities for young people being treated for cancer. Lorraine has also been an integral part in developing support services for extended family members and carers. This includes sibling events, family support groups and remembrance days.

Lorraine believes that"Young people’s services would not be where they are today, without the valuable input of charities and external organizations such as the Teenage Cancer Trust, CLIC Sargent and My Name Is Not Cancer. MNINC recognizes the individual within all cancer patients and sends a very positive message about dealing with cancer and its challenges."

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Helen Mee

altHelen Mee (Advisor)

Helen's career started in community pharmacy, having spent six years working as a dispensing technician in the "open all hours" environment of a large supermarket's in-store pharmacy. Then, after short spells working in marketing and for an NHS ophthalmology service, Helen fell into charity work after losing her father to lymphoma in 2007. Helen is now Medical Liaison Officer for a national UK cancer charity and spends much of her time travelling to the regions to meet health professionals to raise awareness of blood cancers and deliver education.

Helen stumbled across MNINC on Facebook and Twitter when she began reading regular posts on various charity pages. Curious to find out more she contacted Fiona and the rest as they say is history.

Helen writes "I look forward to watching MNINC grow and reach bigger audiences, all the while providing support to cancer patients across the UK and beyond, who all deserve to know that their disease doesn't define them and they can still be themselves no matter what their diagnosis"

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