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My Name Is NOT Cancer

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Who can apply?

MNINC would like to invite Health Professionals, Organisations, individuals working within cancer support or involved in cancer care to submit an article.

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Why contribute?

  • Provide information that is relevant/helpful for people affected by cancer
  • Highlight your latest campaign/interesting article promotes your cause whilst also raising your professional profile. 
  • We hope this type of focus will raise awareness across the general public and encourage fundraising efforts for cancer causes.

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How can MNINC offer this facility?

My Name Is NOT Cancer (MNINC) remains impartial and independent, we are able to encompass all cancer causes. We can therefore support all professionals and organisations who are involved in cancer care, without preference or prejudice.

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How much will it cost?

It's free to feature within the My name is NOT cancer website.

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When would my article be featured?

We try and feature one article/month, depending on the response. Publishing will be on a ‘first-come’ basis.

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Writing my article

  • Please keep it real (no medical jargon) and written in the first person whenever possible
  • Include some details/ background about you or your organisation however please don't include any sensitive personal information.
  • If you include examples or quotes from published articles, remember to include reference of source (copyright) We suggest these references are kept to a minimum so as not to lose the essence - the “feel” - of the feature. It may also be appropriate to include them at the end of your article as a footnote
  • If you wish to also include your logo, please do so. 

Email your article to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You will then receive confirmation that it's been received and is being considered for this area. If we have any questions, you'll be contacted via the email you have provided. 

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Questions for Health Professionals

The following are some questions that our users have suggested may be helpful. They are intended as guidance as to what patients/individuals may like to know: 

  1. How you help people with cancer maintain their identity and a sense of self whilst in your care?
  2. What facilities are available to promote wellbeing?
  3. How do you work within the limitations experienced by cancer patients, to help sustain positivity even in what appears to be, a negative situation?
  4. Where do you expect to see growth within the support you already have on offer?
  5. How did you become involved in this area of medicine/care/support?
  6. How would you best describe your role and the work that you do?
  7. Are there certain types of basic tests/investigation/treatments/support that are within your expertise and how would you consider the emotions possibly being experienced by patients when faced with these?
  8. What are some of the difficulties encountered by the people you are in contact with?
  9. How would you help alleviate those difficulties?
  10. Can you describe your role (if applicable) on: diagnosis; during treatment; in support; during follow-up.
  11. Are there other professionals that you would include in care and at what point would they become involved?
  12. Is there a framework of care that needs to be adhered to when treating an individual with serious illness?
  13. Are there areas within service that you would like to see improvement?
  14. How you feel about what you do? 

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What if MNINC has too many articles?

If this facility proves popular, we may increase the number featured per month.

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What happens next...

Your feature will be transferred to the archive and continue to be available on our site for future reference.

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Can I help MNINC?

  • Share this resource with patients/family/friends/colleagues.
  • Consider a link with our website.
  • Contact us if you'd like to endorse the MNINC Publication 

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And finally...

  • We will not include anything that is medically sensitive or controversial
  • We retain the right to refuse any article that is deemed harmful, misleading, inflammatory, false, biased, derogatory or not appropriate for our website. 
  • We do not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the content within this area.
  • We will not inhibit or interfere with the work already being done within cancer care by health professionals or support organisations and charities Article 4: Aims and Business Philosophy
  • We encourage cancer charities or organisations to maintain their patients individuality and wellbeing by working within those limitations sometimes experienced and promote ways in which they can help sustain positivity in what appears to be a negative situation by focusing attention on the MNINC motto: YOU STAND OUT… your illness doesn't! Article 6 Aims and Business Philosophy

We look forward to hearing from you

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