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My Name Is NOT Cancer

Giorgia Buselli - From Bologna to San Francisco!

'From Bologna to San Francisco' symbolizes a bridge uniting us all in the fight against cancer.

In less than a month, Giorgia Buselli from LILT Bologna will be running the Fog City Run to remember that anti-cancer therapies are still inaccessible to too many people in the world and that preventing illness is a right for all. 

The race starts on Buchanan Street, in the heart of the peninsula overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. The course then winds immediately along Green Street, a historic street surrounded by Victorian houses. 

At the end of Vallejo Street, the runners will find the house where scenes from the film "The Princess Diaries" (starring Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway) were shot. This is the Disney version of the book series by Meg Cabot. The whole saga of books, introduced in the 90’s, has the theme of young adult cancer and is about the painful illness of the princess’ father.

A bit further along, there is the home of California Senator Dianne Feinstein, the only female mayor of San Francisco and the promoter of the Breast Cancer Research Stamp Project, one of the most remarkable ideas to raise funds for the fight against cancer. Through the simple sale of colourful (and much appreciated) postage stamps she was in fact able to raise over $75 million to support cancer research done by National Institute of Health.

Runners will then reach the Lyon Street Steps (288 steps) and, after a short stretch, the Presidio, an area used as a military base for centuries and was recently renovated as a public park. Here, surrounded by woods and green hills, in the Letterman Digital Arts Center, there are George Lucas’ companies. George Lucas is well known as the creator of Star Wars, but is also the paladin of the most important battles: Lucas, who seems to have been diagnosed with a rare male breast cancer, is one of the most visible donors for research on this disease. He has also created “Use the Force for Good” a campaign that calls for the Jedi to use the Force to raise funds for scientific research.

After exiting the park, runners will be again on the streets of San Francisco: from Filbert Street, minds straight at the goal. Giorgia Buselli will then return to her own starting point, ready to be welcomed back in her hometown, Bologna.

Giorgia Says:

I aim to run two races (5K) to raise funds for the Italian Cancer League, a charity committed to the fight against cancer and patient and family support for the past 90 years. All contributions will support the nonprofit activities to prevent and fight cancer, especially for those most in need.

I've already run the “Strabologna” in my home town on May 11th, along well-known streets, to support those I know who face cancer everyday: either fighting it themselves, with a relative, or with a friend.

In August, I'll be running the “Fog City Run” in San Francisco, to support all those I've never met who are battling the same disease. 

I am doing this because I believe cancer can only be beaten if we all take part in the fight! Each and every one of us can contribute in our own way. This is my way to stand up!

All contributions will support the Italian Cancer League Bologna activities to prevent and fight cancer, especially for those most in need, and many people cannot afford a private practice nor even the “ticket” to access the Italian National Health System. Early diagnosis has to be for everybody!

The fund raised so far cover specialist clinical exams for 50 women who do not have access to the national health system. Every contribution is important and very appreciated!

  • 10€ covers hemoccult costs for someone who cannot afford it
  • 15€ covers pap test costs for a woman who cannot afford it
  • 30€ covers pap test costs and specialist clinical exam
  • 100€ covers a specialist clinical exam, ultrasound for breast cancer early detection, pap test costs,  and a follow-up visit for a woman who cannot afford it

Why San Francisco?

The Fog City Run is a weekly running race in San Francisco which goes through the Marina neighborhood and the Presidio and although the run on the 20th August is not far away (I wonder if my legs will ever be ready) my heart is already in San Francisco ... and memories from 2010 come to my mind when I spent three very intense days exploring the city famous for its trams, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and of course … the Giants! I cannot wait to go back and live the city again… 

In my blog "Next stop: San Francisco" I am able to introduce you to two online communities which I’ve “met” thanks to the Consul General of Italy in San Francisco: D.I.V.E and B.A.I.A. Both organizations share our goal to create a bridge uniting us all in the fight against cancer, because cancer unfortunately does not have borders or barriers. 

The idea of ​​building a bridge to team up together and fight the disease led me to another new contact: Leticia Croft-Holguin, cancer survivor. Leticia is a young woman who was pregnant and mother of a 7 year old when diagnosed with cancer. She then wrote "Cancer starts with C" - a short and easy to read book aimed for children who are coping with the illness of their parents, to explain to them what happens to mom and dad through simple words and many illustrations.

We decided to team up and make this publication available also in Italian ... and now I've just finished the translation. 

Once the graphic will be ready as well, a pdf format of the book will be downloadable for free online (at Leticia and LILT websites)... but we have a few more projects in mind ... 

My trip to San Francisco will give me the opportunity to meet Leticia in person and share with her other ideas and projects. Leticia is not only an enthusiastic woman who loves life and lives her life to help others, she is also a big Giants fan... what a great way to start a relationship!

Once in San Francisco, I will also have the chance to visit the Breast Cancer Fund: a nonprofit organization focused on eliminating breast cancer by eliminating cancer risk and environmental causes of the disease such as exposure to chemical carcinogens and radiation. 

A few months ago, the Breast Cancer Fund joined the Cancer Network (or A Network Against Cancer), a LILT project aiming to bring together different organizations based in different countries to share the most recent and innovative approaches in the battle against cancer.

With their headquarters located in San Francisco, I will be able to visit the Breast Cancer Fund in Augsust and get insider’s glimpse into this wonderful organization dedicated to eliminating cancer. I’ve already made contact with Maija Witte, Development Associate and will arrange a meeting later on…

This vacation is turning into quite the intense agenda after all ...

To support Giorgia and help make a difference, please donate to her fundraising page HERE

Thank you very much for your support!

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