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My Name Is NOT Cancer

Gentlemen, your help please...

This is an appeal to all men who are coping, or have coped with, a cancer diagnosis.

We are receiving requests for more hints and tips that are gender specific... specifically male!

In conversation with some male cancer patients the other day, we became aware that the majority of advice for men, is written or given by women!

We`d like to change some of that by including your (male) advice for other (men) who may also be coping with cancer! So, Gentlemen....

  • What situations have you faced on a cancer pathway that may be relevent to other men: hairloss, physical changes, fatigue (feeling weak) embarassment etc?

  • How have you managed when coping with the side effects of a treatment regime: physical changes, emotional impact, pain, fear, work, family, friends?

  • In your experience, are there any issues on a cancer pathway that are gender specific and do you have advice to others as to how to approach those issues (ways to cope)?

Please do not under-estimate the value of your advice or experience! If you have "been there, done that, worn the t.shit", we would like to include your contribution to Coping with Cancer and try and help other men that may be facing a similar situation

If you wish to read more about contributing, we have some interesting Blog articles that may help:

(BTW: You may remain anonymous for the contribution if you would prefer! Just email us your advice or fill in the contact us form, and state that you do not wish your name to be included if it is published)

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