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My Name Is NOT Cancer

Free Seminar: Food pleasure, altered eating and well-being

We thought that this event run by the Centre for Public Policy and Health (Durham University) may be of interest to you:

14th September 2016, 13:00 to 15:00, Gala Theatre & Cinema, Durham

Eating is undoubtedly one of life’s great pleasures. Yet it is denied many people living with long-term eating difficulties as a result of illness, treatment or life-course transitions. This seminar reports on new research on “altered eating”, and the ‘science of deliciousness’.

The seminar will include audience participation to explore flavour and taste and, via film and discussion, findings from a National Institute for Health Research-funded project with survivors of head and neck cancer– Resources for Living – on living with altered eating.

Head and neck cancer survivors experience some of the most complex eating difficulties of all patient groups. For the Resources for Living research, survivors worked from the outset in close collaboration with researchers to develop a new way of assessing and managing the loss of pleasure, and burden, of eating.

The seminar marks the first step in expanding the scope of our findings to other groups. It will be of interest to anyone with chronic eating difficulties or people working with them, and to anyone interested in why food, flavour and deliciousness matter to health and well-being.

This event is free of charge and everyone is welcome to attend so please do share within your networks and with family and friends!

Presenters on the day include:

  • Professor Barry C. Smith: Masterchef supertaster, Director of the Institute of Philosophy (IP), and founder of the Centre for the Study of the Senses (CenSes).
  • Dr Vincent Deary: Author of the Amazon best-seller trilogy How To Live, How We Are. A health psychologist who explores the power of habit and the difficulty of change.
  • Dr Duika L.Burges Watson: Lecturer in the Evaluation of Policy Interventions, Principal Investigator on the RfPB/NIHR Resources for Living project and social entrepreneur.
  • Mrs Val Bryant: Lead survivor participant on the Resources for Living project
  • Mr Sam Storey: Research Chef on the Resources for Living project, and collaborator on the North East’s Eat! Festival and Festival of Thrift.
  • Mr Mike Mould: Founder of the Bruvvers Community Theatre Company and Lime Street Studios, and survivor of head and neck cancer.

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