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My Name Is NOT Cancer

Acceptance of Megan's degree

Megan Fletcher

As Meg's family, we were invited to attend the graduation ceremony to receive a posthumous degree on behalf of Megan. Asked by the University if we'd make a response to the university, the following text is my acceptance speech at this prestigious occasion - Fiona




Megan loved learning, loved University, loved life. Her greatest joy was studying at Plymouth.

Diagnosed with cancer in the middle of her first year, Meg didn't want cancer to define her.

She had twelve months of extensive chemotherapy whilst continuing her studies, and indeed, many people didn't even know she had cancer, they just thought the hats, scarves and chunky jewellery were a quirky but cool look!

In her diary, Megan wrote: "The struggle was to be a person with a life separate from cancer while being in the grip of the illness!"

However, the direction life takes is sometimes not of our choosing. It is at that point we need to "square up!" Meg's attitude to anything challenging was "game on" - a phrase summing up her remarkable courage!

Megan Fletcher

She had to adjust to a new path, a new direction, requiring new qualities and strength. She acquired those qualities and accomplished great things.

Megan wished to live the best she could be, without limitations and restrictions on her potential, so she embraced University - it was her life, her freedom to realise her dreams.

Eventually, Megan hoped to link her love of scuba diving and a degree in Human Biosciences, by going on to research high pressure, hyperbaric treatment on cancer cells.

To achieve a degree in a subject she loved, was to be the first major step towards this.

As a parent, to be here with Meg's dad and sister at this moment in time, with such wonderful potential in front of me, receiving this honour on behalf of my daughter, is a privilege.

Today would have been Megan’s 22nd birthday!

It is a good day.

Congratulations to all graduating students

And to the University of Plymouth,
on behalf of my family,

Thank you


Megan Fletcher

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