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My Name Is NOT Cancer


Megan Fletcher
Dancing around, arms outstretched,
Joy on her face! (March 2009)

Dancing around
Arms outstretched
Joy on her face
Who would have thought
She was dying inside.
Flying away
Fingers reaching onwards
Light in his eyes
Who would have thought
He was dying inside.
For want of a touch
A laugh, a sharing of wonder
Feel no pity for her
She will find him again
Their love isn't lost
Or forgotten.
Their endless charade
The greatest roles of their lives
And no-one could guess
What truly goes on
Behind closed faces
And dying eyes
The light of love dimming
The skies
She has no escape
And cries out in her anguish in the night
Where no-one can hear her
But he does
Somewhere in the vast wilderness
And longs to be by her side
As tears slide down his face
In the light of the dawn
Feel no pity for him
He will be reunited with her again
Their love isn't lost nor
And when they do meet
Relighting their eyes
The strength of their love will
Brighten the skies

Megan loved fireworks. She took this picture
at Plymouth Hoe on 5th November 2009

About Together

With the belief that death was a doorway to another universe - not situated way over there but right next to each of us, in another amazing dimension and at the end of our fingertips, Megan captures and explains her deepest feelings of self and soul in Together, to reassure us that although we each of us have a different journey through life, we will be reunited again, one day!

If you have lost someone you care about to cancer, or wish to mention someone special, post a picture and dedication on MNINC Reflections

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