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My Name Is NOT Cancer

Let me be me

Megan Fletcher horse riding
Megan horseriding in April 2010

To everything you say I should be
To everything I am not
To your reality.
It's not me.
Not that I know who I am
But let me figure it out
on my own.
It's more fun that way.
What I want is different from you
What you want is not
my kind of reality.
That might be me.
But I`m not sure
as I change my mind too often for you.
Too much for your comprehension
and I laugh at your confusion.
to be different
from you and all others
I reject your ideals
and push them away.
Far away from me
so the taint won't reach me
so I can be free to dream
and dare to be different
from everything you know.
your constraints are too tight
your limits too low.
I will touch the sky.
Don't stop me.
I can't be stopped.
I don't want to give in.
I will surprise you.
If you let me try

Megan Fletcher playing wheelchair basketball
Megan playing wheelchair basketball after her
third round of CLivPP chemotherapy 2009


Megan Fletcher driving a quad bike
Megan driving a quad bike in February 2010

Megan Fletcher drumming
Megan learnt to play the drums!

About Let me be me

Megan had been told over and again to be realistic with her illness and the limitations it placed on her, especially the effects on energy levels and what she was capable of!

She hated the restrictions being realistic would placed on her. So, as it was her life, her freedom to realise her dreams, her reality to live it the best she could, her identity, she would always concentrate on wellness and looking to the future, whatever that future holds.

How do you retain your identity and sense of self in the face of adversity? Have you joined MNINC members?

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