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My Name Is NOT Cancer


a butterfly mobile

I am sitting here
watching the butterflies
Being slowly hypnotised
Empty of thought
Only aware of the five butterflies
Slowly circling
Around my room and
Around my brain.
Worries have left me
As I lay here
Watching the butterflies
As they continue their flight
Of intricate patterns
That binds me to them
In my current state of calm
slowly intertwining
with the thoughts in my head.
I'm busy now with other cares
But my mind often wishes
to be watching the butterflies
Once more

Megan Fletcher smiling
Our Meg… butterfly girl!

About Butterflies

Meg loved butterflies... in fact, she was totally captivated by them!

In her bedroom, she has silk, jewelled butterfly mobiles everywhere which "dance" with the thermals from body heat or the breeze from an open window.

One of these mobiles would always go into hospital (if she was admitted) and would be attached to the ceiling above her bed.

They brought her familiarity, calm and created a sense of her own space at the times when she was probably feeling most vulnerable and scared.

If you are admitted to hospital, what can you take with you that could help you feel more at ease?

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