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My Name Is NOT Cancer

Her 30 things

Consider "I remember when..." and think of all those crazy, loving, amazing things that makes you unique, wonderful, original and special!

Then write your own 30 things! It will encourage you to keep a sense of self as you cope with everything having cancer entails and help you not get lost in diagnosis! Include those things that make you you... that despite cancer, make you who you are!

It's only 30 things - all about YOU!

Leave the last four blank and fill them in from this point on (or get your family and friends to give their suggestions to what those four could be)

These are my 30 things. Writing them really helped me focus on who I am, rather than what cancer is!

Have fun :)
Megz xox


Join MNINC Members, declare YOUR name is NOT cancer and complete your own list of 30 things. Doing so may give you confidence to face this day and it's pretty cool to acknowledge what you've already achieved! So take time to reflect on what makes you unique! You may be surprised!

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